818-992-0756 Cyrus Bandary, DMD
Prosthodontist | IAOMT Accredited


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Dr. Bandary’s Aesthetic Denture Clinic

Dr. Bandary’s training as a Prosthodontist equipped him with the highest level of knowledge and skill to fabricate the most advanced, comfortable, and aesthetic dentures. His extra years of training coupled with his inherent artistic abilities make him a creative, scientific, and talented dentist producing the best results.

Most of the steps involved in making dentures are performed in his own laboratory located in Dr. Bandary’s office. Dr. Bandary performs every single step himself, from setting the bite records to setting up the teeth, in a proper artistic matter. When the teeth are set by Dr. Bandary with the patient in the chair, we can get a custom teeth arraignment that follows the smile line and aligns the facial structure of the face and the eyes.

While smiles are important to an individual’s sense of self-confidence, Dentures are also very important by allowing people to chew and enjoy their food. The best part his denture fabrication is that nobody knows they are actually dentures.